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Name of service brief description of the service
protection in courts in civil, commercial, and criminal cases administritivnym, first, appeal and cassation Legal services for the protection of the rights and protected interests of clients in courts of law, economic and administrative courts. Typically, our services to provide for court are complex and include the following elements:
- estimate the prospects of the case;
- Development of a plan of protection;
- preparation of procedural documents (drafting pleadings, etc. );
- representation in court;
- obtaining a court decision;
- support enforcement (if this service is not of a separate character).
Advising employees and employers on labor issues Advice on correct hiring and dismissal of employees on various grounds, the validity of the employment relationship.
Advice on road traffic accidents (RTA) Advice on the correctness of the documents on the accident, the appeal of process in these types of cases, representation in court in civil proceedings related to the accident, including compensation for damage resulting from inactivity road and other services.
Drawing claim materials Preparation of the statement of claim and other necessary materials for submission to the court.
Preparation of other procedural documents Preparation of appeals and appeals, petitions, motions and other legal documents.
Representation in court Participation in court proceedings to protect the interests of the client.
representation in enforcement proceedings (single stage) Representing clients in the executive office. Participation in the inventory, arrest, seizure of property of the debtor. Participation in tendering for the sale of the debtor's property. Appeal against actions (inaction) of the executive service.
European Court of Human Rights (Strasbourg) Preparing statements and other documents, their direction in the European Court of Human Rights.
Oral consultation General counseling on various legal issues
Written consultation study the issue, a written advisory opinion with reference to the legislation.
Inform regular customers of the new legislation Periodic providing clients with information about the new law relating to its activities and recommendations for its use.
appeal of decisions, acts or omissions of public authorities and local self-government and their officials. subject to administrative and judicial decisions, acts or omissions of public authorities and local self-government and their officials, and representing clients in court.
Subscriber Service Subscription service of citizens and organizations. wide range of services: from a limited number of oral and written advice to the full legal support of business activities (consulting, preparation of documents, lawsuits, etc.)
Development and preparation of documents Development and preparation of a variety of business documents (statutes, orders, agreements, contracts, etc.).
legal analysis of contracts Checking contracts submitted by the customer, in compliance with legislation and the interests of the client. Perhaps a written report on the results of analysis.

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